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RubberBands Explained

RubberBands is the most current song to the collection of songs produced by Martian. This song is made 100% by Martian The One from the beat and mix to the vocals, which is Martian. This is a funny-sounding song with a light tone to match Martian’s light voice. This song is clearly about rubberbands and being rich. A deeper look into this and you can see that the song has more to offer than just money money money. I brought Martian in to explain a more in-depth meaning.

Martian’s Interview for rubberbands

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation — Herman Melville

Speaker: “So Martian the one. It’s nice to meet you in person. Can you help the fans understand this song? We are all dying to know”
Martian: “Yea. I always knew I was talented and had the ability to be able to achieve what I am currently achieving. I just needed to make rubberbands to really make this career official. My life hasn’t been easy and I don’t have the things humans have since I’m from Mars. With this in mind, I had to “Go Harder” to get the same effect as the current population’s favorite musicians.
Speaker: “So the song is about how you believe in you more than those around you, right?”
Martian: “Yea… and money… lots of money… which I would really like to get to make better songs. I enjoy making music.”
Speaker: “With that, we can finish this interview. Thank you, Martian, for coming”

Rubberbands! A song about money, struggle, and believing in yourself. In other words, Martian has given his life into music. Therefore he doesn’t want to allow himself to be told he can’t do it. In conclusion, Martian is a very hard working person and loves what he does. How can’t you love that

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Who Is Martian the One?

Who’s Martian?

Martian The One, A Musician, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, and Investor. Born and raised on Mars, I am Martian The One. Living on Mars isn’t easy for most Martians if you don’t come from a rich class or home. Raised in the streets of Mars, Martian struggled every day and go for days without food. Gangs, deaths, and violence ruled the streets but safety was provided throughout his life due to his mother. Created by a poet and a rapper “Baby Mars” is born to become a creator himself. With the loss of his mother at the age of 10 he knew that he has nothing left to lose.


Carrying on he began his musical assault. He started music under a different name and in 2015 he became the one and only Martian The One. Starting things off with his first song All Night. It didn’t take long before he took a trip to earth for a larger crowd and a chance to succeed. Once on earth, he began to understand what was required to make great songs and joined L.A Film School. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to complete school due to being part of a poor family. He had nothing to keep him in before he was swept into the streets of L.A. He dropped Gotta Go Hard as a result of how he felt at the time.

Unconcerned with not being able to finish, he continued pushing towards my goal. He practiced day and night endless for days, months, and years until he could produce a sound that would carry him into a new next wave. Aware that he would not sound like everyone currently in the industry he slowly developed into Baby Mars, a nickname for Martian. Trying not to use the fact that he is an alien he hid from the public. Only posting online out of fear that he might blow up because of him being an alien, not for his music.